A global community of forward thinkers – dedicated to uniting creativity, data and technology across the open internet – we’ve spent decades building, innovating and powering an end-to-end platform with purpose. 


Tremor International is known for crafting successful strategies, not placing risky bets. With a strong track record and video-first mentality, we’re used to being ahead of the game. And we’re in it for the long haul. 


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In an industry that moves at breakneck speed, we believe you stick around by putting quality over everything; by seeking out, listening to and internalizing feedback; by being the company partners genuinely want to grab lunch with. These aren’t business values – they’re human values. They’ve brought Tremor International to the cutting edge, and they’re going to continue to take us into the future.


Speaking of values, every member of Tremor International encapsulates the words, “I C.A.N.” Each day, we strive to be as Innovative, Committed + Collaborative and Authentic as possible, with No Ego.



Our Values

Who is Tremor Video?

At Tremor Video, our passion for creativity and commitment to innovation help brands amplify their stories across Connected TV and all video devices at scale. Through our data-driven, end-to-end platform, we connect audiences with relevant brand experiences wherever they engage with content.


As a Tremor International company, we also believe in the power of working as a team towards a collective vision. In our case, this vision is to shape the technology that makes more possible.


Who is Unruly?

At Unruly, we aim to uncomplicate the world of video and CTV advertising. With a fully integrated end-to-end tech stack, proprietary audience data, and a dynamic creative studio, we have the right tools to deliver unique and holistic monetization opportunities for publishers and provide advertisers with real connections in premium environments across the globe. 


As a Tremor International company, we’re big believers in leading with creativity, inspiring change, and working towards a collective vision: To shape the technology that makes more possible.


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