In Support of the People of Turkey and Syria

At Tremor International, we firmly believe in the importance of stepping up and supporting one another, in times of travesty as well as of celebration.  

The devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria last week has tragically destroyed communities and taken many lives. Upon hearing this news, our company decided to make a donation to the Turkish Philanthropy Funds, a portfolio of funds and giving programs committed to rescue and recovery efforts across cities like Adana, Adiyaman and beyond. More specifically, the Turkish Philanthropy Funds aim to provide essential supplies and resources to those on-the-ground, actively working to save citizens and their homes. Right now, their mission is, simply, to “give hands to the people of Turkey.” And that is exactly what we’re striving to do. 

If you have the means, we invite you to join us in supporting this organization (and those with similar missions). Together, we can contribute to the region and its efforts to rebuild as quickly and effectively as possible.