Welcome to the new Tremor International

Does it look a bit different around here? We thought so.

Tremor International debuted a new look and feel this week: we refreshed our branding (including this website) to more succinctly reflect our company’s mission, vision and values. To learn more about what this new brand means for Tremor International, our employees, and our partners, we sat down with Jackie Orris, our Chief People Officer and Emily Barfuss, our Chief Marketing Officer. Here’s what they had to say about this fresh chapter.

Q: Emily — to kick things off, can you tell us a bit about Tremor International’s reimagined brand? How did it come to be?

Emily: Branding is a proclamation — it’s a way we can clearly share who we are and what we bring to the table before we’ve even entered the room, a declaration of our value proposition as well as our core values. Tremor International is an end-to-end technology powerhouse, driven by a collection of brands and delivered to our partners and clients without ego or fuss; we wanted our new branding to reflect that. It visually showcases the connection between Tremor International’s brands. It’s strong and bold, but it’s also laid-back, straightforward and fun. It’s everything we are.

Q: And why launch the new brand now?

Emily: From a marketing standpoint, now that our business is dual-listed on the Nasdaq and the AIM, it’s important to put our stake in the ground and communicate what differentiates us in the marketplace. As our company continues to grow and our global footprint expands, it’s also imperative that we unite our core brands — including Tremor Video and Unruly — under one, cohesive umbrella. The new Tremor International aims to unify, and this unification goes beyond the storefront, so to speak — it also encapsulates everything the parent company stands for (which extends to and spreads throughout our individual brands).

Jackie: To that end, as our company has evolved, our culture has evolved as well. Our individual brands have always had their own personality, and as teams have partnered up and assimilated, those personalities have mixed and melded to create Tremor International’s one-of-a-kind culture.

Now, through the new brand, we’ve officially defined our shared mission, vision and values — capturing that collective culture and illustrating where we’re going, and what we’re working towards, as a team.

Q: Speaking of our shared mission, vision and values, what would you say your greatest inspiration has been in developing and defining these for the new brand?

Jackie: Our people, hands down.

I have the pleasure of interacting with employees across Tremor International on a day-to-day basis, watching as they communicate with partners and integrate with other teams. It’s so clear that we’re all working towards the same goal — shaping the technology that makes more possible — but individual brands also have, and embrace, their own unique identities. Our brands are valuable on their own, but they’re even stronger together, and our people recognize that. It’s inspiring to watch, and I think this “stronger together” mentality really shines through in our new brand.

Emily: I completely agree. Before developing the new brand, we also conducted a company-wide brand perception survey. It was a way for us to ensure that as we reimagined Tremor International, we were doing so through the lens of our employees, and I was particularly inspired by the openness and candor our teams showed in their responses. As Jackie said, it’s so clear that we’re all on the same page about where our company’s headed and how we’re going to get there, but each individual brand, and each individual employee, brings their own flavor and perspective into the mix. The new Tremor International was designed to mirror that, and we couldn’t have created it without the help of our very talented creative team: Les Seifer, Mark Ellerington, Zainab Engineer, Deniz Santoro, Amy Johansen, Jesse Fink, Geoff Hassler and Peter Diamond.

Q: Now that you’ve launched the new brand, what can we expect to see from Tremor International in 2022?

Jackie: Continued growth. As our footprint expands, our teams have to do the same, so expect to see a heavy recruitment push. We’ll also be working to ensure our culture is able to scale with our teams. We may be fast-growing, but we want to remain tight-knit as well — living and breathing our core values each day.

Emily: Growth and scale are huge themes for this year, absolutely. We’ll be launching more partnerships, extending our reach internationally, and staying laser-focused on bringing the best possible products to our clients (elevated by recent deals, like our acquisition of Spearad in October 2021).

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also note the strength of Tremor International’s tech stack, which — as our vision states — allows us to enable powerful partnerships and deliver results across the advertising ecosystem. Our brand would be nothing without our platform, after all.

If you are looking to learn more about our tech stack, our Chief Product Officer — Karim Rayes ​​— expertly explained our product capabilities and enhancements in his own interview a few weeks back (included below).

Cheers to the new Tremor International, and cheers to all that lies ahead.